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Buffalo Videographers Listing

Below is a list of Videography Professionals whose work has been reviewed by us, and can be contacted for booking your event. (note: Buffalo Wedding Videographers is here to connect good people with good vendors... we cannot be held responsbile for anything other than this connection -- as always, ask good questions and when possible, meet your videographer prior to your wedding day so you can establish a good repoir (you need to trust the folks you're counting on.. your team!).


  1. Candlelight Productions -- these guys specialize in elegant, artistic, multi-camera productions, treating each wedding with the same respect as their multi-camera stage and dance productions. They love what they do, and their enthusiasm and professionality shows in their work, as they continue to treat each client with a very human touch.

    Packages typically range from $895-$2500
    Candlelight Productions - Beautiful Videography of your Life